Let your supporters advertise for you

This is a cool project that we have done in the Pink Ribbon campaign the past two years. Rather than spending money on traditional advertising, we wanted to see if bloggers and websites would share their space with us. And yes, they would 🙂

The core of the idea – providing banners for those who want them – is nothing new, of course. But I like to think we took it one step further. By using some simple mechanics like personalisation and a touch of game mechanics, we were able to get more banners displayed than before, and more importantly – more clicks from those banners.

(Note: a small Swedish charity has done something quite similar, and their concept video is worth a look – it has some impressive results http://vimeo.com/22939489)

We made a simple campaign site where you could easily create your own personalised banner. This banner included data on how many clicks to the pink ribbon website your banner had generated. These numbers are pulled in to a leaderboard where you can see who has generated the most clicks and views. The widget on the front page of the pink ribbon website also pulled in the names of the different blogs who participated, in order to show them off and say thank you. Here’s a step-by-step of the application, and how it works:

This is the widget on the Pink Ribbon website. The first line says “Thank you”, and the second line is the name of the website / blog. The dark box by the ribbon is the call to action to put a ribbon on your own site. Finally, the three number boxes show respecably the number of banners shown, clicked and made

Banner-widget on the front page

Banner-widget on the front page

Clicking that “I want one too”-box, takes you to the leaderboard, showing off all others who have made banners for their blog / website. From here, you click on to get your own banner.

The "leaderboard"

The “leaderboard”, showing the number of views, clicks and banners made

A simple page, where you can enter the name and adress of your blog, let’s you create your own banner and choose the size of it.

Banner generator

Banner generator

Lastly, clicking on your chosen banner gives you a snippet of code that inserts an iframe on your site, containing your banner.

We are really happy with the results so far – we’ve already beaten last years campaign with more clicks and more banners registered. There are fewer views, but we have spent less time pitching the banners to traditionall media sites, so that is not surprising.

We’ve found this is a great way to let your supporters show that they care. Most bloggers who put this banner up, also took the time to write a post about it, often linking to our webshop as well. This has led to some very valuable traffic, much more valuable than traditional advertising.

(Click my ad. Go on. Watch the number go up. Dooooo it!)


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