AFP Congress Toronto: Slides and resources

There’s nothing I love more than speaking to a Canadian audience! Thank you for being such a big energy boost for me. I have gathered the slides and some follow-up resources for you here. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you have any questions or thoughts – I’d love to hear them!

Do you need someone to help you with this stuff? I can help – get in touch!

Session 1, Tuesday afternoon – “From good intentions to more web donations”.


The slides have been uploaded to slideshare. Click through them here, or on slideshare.

Web form design

If you’d like to learn more about web form design, Luke Wroblewski’s book Web Form Design (2008) ( is an excellent starting point. He also has several presentations about form design for mobile and touch.

The Cancer Society’s website and process

If you’d like to take a closer look, here’s a Google translated version of The Norwegian Cancer Society’s website or just visit to see it in Norwegian. You can also find a lot of previous entries detailing the redesign and choices made in this blog under the tag “Redesign of the Norwegian Cancer Society web page”. Also, if you’re interested in more details on the content strategy behind the build of the page, awesome interaction designer Ida Aalen recently gave an excellent presentation at Confab Central in Minneapolis. You should absolutely check it out!

The Core Model

This presentation goes more into detail about how to use the core model with your team, which you can also hear a recording of. If you’d like to try out using the core model, you’re welcome to download the core model template forms to use in the workshops.

Even more questions?!

Awesome! I love questions:) Leave a comment below, talk to me on twitter, or ask any of these wonderful people that we’ve been happy to work with in this procject:

  • Ida Aalen, interaction designer at Netlife Research: @Idaaa
  • Marte Gråberg, web editor at the NCS: @MarteGraberg
  • Monica Solheim Slind, web master at the NCS: @SolheimSlind
  • Wilhelm Joys Andersen, front end developer: @WilhelmJA
  • Thord Veseth Foss, graphic designer: @ThordFoss
  • Eirik Hafver Rønjum, content strategist: @EirikHafver.


Session 2, Wednesday – Expect the unexpected


Slides are all uploaded to Slideshare.

Voice and tone

Have a look at – Mailchimp’s excellent guide for their writers.

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