Maia Kahlke Lorentzen joins b.bold!

I am so proud and happy to say that our little team now consists of three people! And what an addition the last team member is. I first met Maia Kahlke Lorentzen at the IFC some years back, where we were both speaking. We immediately clicked, and bonded over our passion for social justice causes, feminism, equality and a little good-natured bitchyness. Maia, fighting for justice

For years, we’ve been talking about doing some work together, but it never quite matched up. So you can imagine my over-the-moon joy when I learned that Maia had left her job as an engagement specialist for Greenpeace’s Save The Arctic campaign this fall. And that she wanted her next step to be joining us at b.bold.

I hope you will all join me and Seth in giving her a warm welcome to the family!

Seth and I have already had the good fortune to be working with amazing charities all over the world. With Maia on board now, we’re an even stronger team, delivering campaigns, strategies, counseling, workshops and keynotes. Before working for Greenpeace, Maia worked for Amnesty in Denmark as a digital fundraiser. She is an internationally recognized expert in digital mobilization and fundraising tactics, lead generation and integrated fundraising campaigns. She’s always on the lookout for how new technology can improve our work for a better planet. She’s been a long time fan favorite at conferences all over, and sought-after workshop facilitator known for making you think.

Like Seth and I, Maia has a burning passion for the work that is being done by the NGO-sector. We have all been on the “inside”, and we continue to feel that way – we are one of you, and that is our strongest asset. We continue to do our share for the causes we care about. Maia is a passionate human rights activist and organiser on a multitude of causes.

And, fun fact – she plays the ukulele. We’ve got the entertainment sorted for our next company outing now!

Here’s the happy (and apparently somewhat high-strung) team you call if you want to give your fundraising a boost:


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