Beate who?

Hi! I’m Beate. That’s a bit hard to pronounce outside Norway, which is why I am often just called “B”.

I am a well known international public speaker, and I run digital fundraising consultancy b.bold. The B represents my name, bold is how I try to live, and being bold is what I try to help my clients do.

My great grandmother always used to say “Be great in all the little things“. I try to live by that, and it is mirrored in my work. You can often acomplish more by fixing lots of small things, than doing one big thing.

I have more than five years of digital fundraising expertice, particularly working at the Norwegian Cancer Society, where I among other things doubled the digital fundraising return. You can find lots of posts about how we did this in the blog.

I am an experienced public speaker, and I have spoken at both Norwegian and international conferences. I am just as comfortable speaking to a small group of people, as I am on the big stage in front of thousands. More info, references and my most requested topics can be found on my speaker page.

Get in touch for just a chat, or if you have an interesting project you think I can help with, or maybe you need a speaker for your next conference or team gathering. I’d love to talk to you and discuss more!

Some Guest blog appearances and articles:

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