a MASSIVE thank you to the delegates of IFC Holland!

(This blog is ususally in Norwegian, but given the number of new international twitterfollowers the past days, I might have to change that. Anyways; this is for you guys.)

It is friday, three in the afternoon, and I am in my hotel room winding down from three intense day at the International Fundraising Congress in Amsterdam. I just wanted to take the opportunity to send a MASSIVE thank you to all the delegates who attended my sessions on digital fundraising. You guys were amazing, and I am completely overwhelmed at the response and all the nice words from you. Thank you for participating and sharing your experiences, thank you for laughing at my stupid jokes, thank you for patiently sitting through my technical troubles – thank you for all the happy faces in the crowd, you guys make a presenter feel good. You have made my first time speaking at the IFC a blast, and I would definitly come talk to you guys again if opportunity arises.

And to all the brilliant people I have met these days; thank you for making the whole congress great, and for making the parties so fun that some of us got to bed quite a bit later than what you really should do when giving a presentation at 9 am the next morning….

To the other speakers; thank you for some great sessions – always something new and interesting to learn from you.

And to make up for killing the magic; I leave you with this very happy unicorn:

(by the way – never google “happy unicorn”. There are some seriously dodgy people out there, let me say no more. But I did it for you guys!). 

Happy unicorn

Happy, happy unicorn:D