Lift your fundraising with a two day work session in the Norwegian mountains in September!

“The combination of working on our specific issues, as well as learning general techniques gives us a very good foundation for improving our fundraising work. The lovely surroundings and outdoors activities made it easy to think new thoughts.”
– Participant in March 2018 edition of the b.bold  getaway

Join us for an intensive two days of work to lift your fundraising in September

A two day intensive program – in the mountains, away from your everyday job – where a couple of great fundraising strategist will help you improve your fundraising to give your organisation a real boost.

We call it the Fundraising Clinic – and with somewhat less than surgical precision, we will identify what ails your fundraising and find the cure. Maybe you all you need is a shot of vitamins, or maybe parts of your program should be amputated all together. We will make sure you go home with an individual treatment plan.

Simon Scriver is a well known fundraising speaker who has built fundraising operations in organisations large and small. He will lead us through two intensive and effective days to make sure you go home with a plan.

Beate Sørum (who’s the one inviting you all) will be Simon’s sidekick for the two days and the all-round organiser of the getaway. She’s an experienced fundraising strategist and speaker.

Through a combination of teaching, interrogation, workshops, discussions and hard work we will help you break through the noise of your day to day work to see the very core of your organisation.

      • Need to source new donors?
      • Need to raise lots of money but have no budget?
      • Need to identify a new direction or focus?
      • Need to grow and expand your service?

If yes, we’ll see you in the mountains!

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“[The getaway gave me] increased motivation for working with fundraising going forward, both because I now believe we will succeed, but also because we have a direction to start working in. So we are left with a clearer and narrower strategy for our fundraising work.”
– Participant in the March 2018-edition of the getaway

Exclusive, affordable and effective

To make sure you get the most out of your time and money, this event is limited to 15 participants. This way, we make sure the experts have all the time they need to work directly with everyone. At the same time, you’ll connect with a small group of likeminded people to stay in touch with for help and support going forward.

Picture of a horse in the foreground, an old timber farm house in the background, covered in snow. There is a mountain behind the farm, also snow covered. The light is fading, it is sunset.

This is the beautiful village of Vingelen, Hedmark, Norway. Photo taken during our March 2018-edition. Photo and copyright: Beate Sørum


Where we are going – away from the city

We’ll take you to the magical little village of Vingelen, a small mountain community in Hedmark county in Norway. About 500 people live here. We will sleep and work at Vingelsgaard Guest House – a several hundred year old log house farm, now rebuilt to house a conference venue and guest rooms.

People gathered around a conference table, talking. The venue looks new and airy.

Excellent facilities at Vingelsgaard Gjestgiveri. Photo and copyright: Beate Sørum

We’ll make sure we stress down while we’re filling up our brains, so we’re adding some outings, tastes of the (very) local artisanal food productions, and trips around the village. You will be enjoying the crystal clear mountain air, the fall colours and natural beauty all along.

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Pricing and practical information


24. September: We leave Oslo on a train at 14.34. You may also choose a train leaving 16.34, but you will then be travelling without guides (we’ll pick you up at the station), and you won’t make it to dinner.
25. September: A full day of working, followed by dinner and social activities
26. September: A full day of working, before we take the train back to Oslo at 16.43, arriving in Oslo at 21.26.


The getaway costs NOK 9.900* (approx. €1040, £920, USD1220 at the time of writing, June. 25th). Since we believe the best work happens when more minds are collaborating, we’ll shave NOK 2.000 off of the price for participant nr. 2 and more from the same organisation. So feel free to bring a colleague!

*If you are based in Norway, 25% VAT is added to the price. If your organisation is outside Norway, then no VAT is added.

The price includes your room for the nights, transport, and all activities in Vingelen. Traintickets from Oslo to Tolga and back are not included, and must be purchased separately. We’re happy to help you book them though – just let us know, and we will get your tickets and invoice them along with the rest of your booking. You will have to manage any transport to and from Oslo.

Registering is binding, but do feel free to fill your seat with someone else’s bum if you find you can’t make it 🙂

– I liked that it was lead by people with years of experience in defining challenges and finding solutions. It liked that the whole thing was based around conversations and in no way seemed to be a consultant seminar where all problems should be solved by being shoved down a standard format that won’t work.
-Participant at March 2018 edition of b.bold getaway. 


We will be both sleeping and working at the amazing VIngelsgaard Guest House. There are 10 rooms, and if it fills up, we’ll have to share. The rooms that would be shared have single beds.


Vingelen is in the region of Røros, known among other things for the award winning Røros Food Coop. We will incoroporate much of the local food while we are there, and we will visit the cheese dairy Eggen Gardsysteri. Their cheeses won both gold and silver in the recent World Cheese awards in 2017.

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Our strategists – your team

Simon Scriver

Simon Scriver helps good charities do better fundraising. An award-winning fundraising consultant, coach, and trainer, he helps charities of all sizes do amazing things with little time and little budget. Simon helps his client bring in new donors, build relationships, and keep their supporters giving. He is obsessed with Donor Love…and Twitter.

Working with small and large charities all over the world, he speaks regularly at international conferences and delivers on-line and off-line fundraising training. He is the only person in Ireland with a CFRE, a Diploma in Fundraising and a Certificate in Fundraising. Simon is a board member of a small non-profit ‘Making Connections’, sits on the Advisory Panel of Rogare, the international fundraising think tank, and is a member of the Institute of Fundraising and the AFP.

Beate Sørum

Beate  – or Bea for the non-Scandinavians out there – owns and runs b.bold, and she’s the one who’s invited you all along to this remote village. Beate is passionate about fundraising, and tries her best to make sure fundraisers are always at the top of their game. Through b.bold, Beate has worked with many different organisations to strengthen their fundraising work. She previously worked for the Norwegian Cancer Society for 6 years, where she started and ran the digital fundraising work. She is a member of the board of the Norwegian Fundraising Association and of the Child’s i Foundation.

Beate loves Vingelen, and really hopes she gets to show you the little fairytale village. She knows you’ll fall in love with both the place and hopefully your fundraising 🙂

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Get in touch with Beate by phone +47 986 23 650, or send an email to

For no reason other than making you want to visit this place: Here are some more photos form the March 2018 edition of b.bold getaway:

Three men stand behind a

These boys are about to drop their first album. No. But they are about to go on a very Norwegian outing on a “spark” through on the snowy roads! They are standing in front of Vingelsgaard, our home for the two days.

A man stands behind a counter, cutting up cheese for tasting.

Visiting the local cheese dairy Eggen Gardsysteri, tasting their award winning cheese.

A group of people on

Fun and fresh air – a perfect way to mix up two days of heavy strategy work.

An old log house towards the back of the photo, with two other old buildings next to it. The whole place is covered in deep snow.

Our beautiful venue: Vingelsgaard Guest House

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